Prairie Sky Productions

About Us

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All the Perks

At Prairie Sky Productions we offer a wide variety of services for you to benefit from.

Aerial Drone Technology

With several state of the art drone cameras at our disposal, we’ll elevate your videos sky high.

Youtube Channel Management

Once we’ve put your video together, it doesn’t stop there. Our team will put together your own YouTube channel; where all your videos will be available to potential customers..

Video Search Optimization

We won’t just place your video on YouTube and call it quits. We will make sure to attach the proper key words and back work, that place you in the searches of the people you want to be.

Green Screen Technology

Access to a Green screen allows you to market yourself in a unique and powerful way, from atop a mountain or below the sea.

Video File Sharing

Aside from YouTube we can help get your videos out on a greater scale. Whether it be uploading your videos to your website, social media, or other sites such as Vimeo. We can help get your videos where they need to be.

About Prairie Sky Productions – Our Story

The founders of Prairie Sky Productions, Gary Layton and Andrew Gowers; met over 15 years ago through Calgary Media Hockey. They had been discussing the lack of reasonably priced, effective resources available to small and medium sized businesses. This was because it related to marketing their companies through digital strategies, and they wanted to fix this. Gary had years of Media experience including production, editing, acting and directing.

Gary has state of the art equipment, and Andrew has owned CPG Media for over a decade. CPG Media has been building websites, performing SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and helping companies grow their businesses through digital media. They decided to combine efforts between Prairie Sky Productions and CPG Media to offer Calgary, Alberta and BC business owners a one stop shop for digital marketing solutions. Between the two companies they can take care of almost all of a businesses needs including video production, website development, content development, YouTube videos, corporate commercials and training videos. We can also offer production accounting services for film and production development.

Prairie Sky Productions also writes, shoots, choreographs and directs music videos, short films, trailers, social media content. We have several production crew members, actors, editors, writers and directors. Several of our team members also have IMDB credits and combined we have years of television, film and production experience.

At Prairie Sky Productions, we do it right every time!



Our Crew

About Prairie Sky Productions - Gary Layton

Gary Layton

Gary is Prairie Sky Production’s managing director, which is a Calgary based video production company. An accomplished actor & director, He started behind the camera in IATSE Local 891 in 1991 on the set of 21 Jump Street, and continued on with other production such as Wise Guy, Deadman’s Gun, Alive and Bingo. He has also been an actor in productions including: Bagman, Beer League, Risen, Road from Ruin, and Sex. Lies and Murder. He is a certified Canadian Drone Pilot and undertakes post-production using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Gary is also experienced in Sales and Marketing with extensive involvement in oil and energy industries. He has a Bachelors’ degree focused in communications from Simon Fraser University, played College Football 1984-1987 and Professional Football 1988-1991.

About Prairie Sky Productions Cody Layton

Cody Layton

Writer, Director, Actor. 4+ years of film and television experience. Dedicated to the craft and driven for success.

Attended Vancouver Film School from 2015-2016. Worked on blockbuster sets such as Sonic and The Predator.

About Prairie Sky Productions - Brett Magdee

Brett Magdee

Brett Magdee received his first camera as a present when he was 7 years old and fell in love with photography. Over the past 13 years Brett has done his own photography throughout Southern Alberta with some photos being accepted into the Calgary Stampede Western Gallery. He’s spent the past year working with Prairie Sky Productions as a Director of Photography and editor. He has decided to pursue a career in the film industry. Brett intends to enroll at Vancouver Film School in 2021 to further hone his skills.

About Prairie Sky Productions - Andrew Gowers

Andrew Gowers

After completing college and becoming a chef, Andrew needed a new challenge and followed another passion of his by entering into a career in the powersports industry.  There, he worked in senior management roles for over 25 years. Andrew was formally trained by such major retailers and manufacturers as Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki.  His training included business operations, marketing, general management, human resources, customer service, purchasing, and various other management processes. 

Besides CPG Media and Prairie Sky Productions, Andrew also has interests in other businesses. Syndicated Business Solutions (SBS), which provides corporate services, launched in 2010. Corporate services include opening corporations, providing minute books and minute book updates, and performing corporate returns. SBS services also include consulting on corporate structure and corporate advice, assisting in corporate and partnership contracts, performing fair market valuations for business, and assisting in estate planning. 

Dedicated to the Craft

Why Choose Us

WestCoast Sea Kayak Adventures has been working with Prairie Sky Productions and Gary Layton for two years; using their video capture techniques and editing capabilities to produce high-quality videos to promote our company brand. From the initial meetings, through to the build-up and planning stages, to the actual shoot and editing, Prairie Sky Productions has been fun to work with.  Their edits capture the mood that reflects the journey one will take with our Kayak services.  We look forward to working with them to enhance our next adventure and customer experience.
They have shown us  additional technology, more creative way to promote our brand.

-Mark Greir, Managing Director

I had the privilege to work with Gary from Prairie Sky Productions this summer, when I was working on my music video for my single, “Matches and Moonshine”. It was great to work with Gary! We worked together on coming up with a concept that work with our film location south of Calgary. We were able to discuss and plan the video together and with his direction, ensure the story of the song was portrayed accurately. Gary is a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and work ethic are admirable. As well, he was super creative and easy to collaborate with. Hiring him for my project was a worthwhile investment and paid dividends in the quality of my video. 

-Lori Kole, Musician

Triple Point Chemical has been working with Prairie Sky Productions and Gary Layton for three years now, using their exceptional video capture and editing capabilities to produce high-quality videos to promote our company brand.  From the planning stages and initial meetings, through to the build-up and set-up of the equipment, to the actual shoot and editing, Prairie Sky Productions has been exceptionally easy to work with.  We’ve consistently found the video quality and initial edits capture the mood that reflects Triple point Chemical is searching for, and they are is very open to feedback to enhance the final product.  We look forward to working with them to enhance our show videos further with  additional technology, more creative planning.

Steve Lyle, President