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Video Production

Being Calgary based, we understand the need for access to reliable video production. Whether you’re looking for; corporate videos, music videos, social media content, series content for YouTube, or even short films.

We’re passionate about telling compelling stories, while also bringing a level of professionalism and expertise.

If you’re looking for somewhere to bring your idea or dream to the next level, look no further than Prairie Sky Productions.

Video Production
Drone Production

Drone Video

Drone Technology is a great solution to turn normally impossible angles into a reality!

We are a full range aerial service company with unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to meet your needs and budget.

We are recognized as a reliable Aerial Videography for Western Canada for over 6 years.

Green Screen Productions

Filmmakers use green screen studios to put their subjects into any location, or world they want, with remarkable authenticity. We can use green screen studios to drop in any kind of background you want behind your actors and subjects.

An example is; news productions use green screen technology to place their reporters and anchors, behind any background they desire.

This versatility allows you to avoid shooting on-location, which can be costly and much more time consuming.

Green Screen Production
Video File Sharing

Video File Sharing

Once you have the videos, that’s only the first step. Videos aren’t much help without them being accessed by potential customers or viewers. We can place you videos on to several websites, in order to get as many eyes on your product.

Whether it be your own website, active social media profiles, YouTube, and even other video sharing platforms like Vimeo. Once your videos are uploaded we can help you making any changes, to help you get the greatest possible reach for your products and services.

YouTube Channel Management

Once we’ve shot your videos, we take it one step further. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, we can make you one, as well as upload and manage your new videos. This helps people find you that may not already know about you.

With attention to key word in your video tags, we can assure that the people that are looking for your products will find them easier than ever.

YouTube Channel Management